ATCO together with GRS Hydrogen Solutions: what is the nature of the cooperation
ATCO together with GRS Hydrogen Solutions: what is the nature of the cooperation

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has signed a contract with ATCO for 18 years. What is the essence of the contract? It involves the use of hydrogen as a fuel for commercial vehicles. It is planned to build hydrogen facilities at CP rail stations in Calgary and Edmonton. In this way, CP’s innovative hydrogen locomotive program is being developed, the main goal of which is to build North America’s first hydrogen-powered freight locomotive for line transportation.

The costs associated with the contract could run into the millions. Operational decisions have been made to achieve a cleaner and more stable energy future.

ATCO has over 2 million clients and is a Canadian Utilities company

ATCO Ltd is a diversified company providing business solutions in Canada, Australia and other countries in the following industries:

  • structure and logistics;
  • energy infrastructure;
  • energy retailing and transportation;
  • utilities.

The scope of the company’s operations has truly reached global proportions. The development of complex solutions is carried out in more than a hundred countries around the world. ATCO Ltd offers customers innovative solutions in areas that are important for development: residential, real estate, energy, water, transportation and agriculture.

ATCO is engaged in the production of electricity from natural gas, coal, wind, water and other energy sources. The company develops its own infrastructure by designing, manufacturing and installing working-class housing complexes. It provides services to such organizations:

  • commercial;
  • industrial;
  • rural associations;
  • residential.

The company also produces, sells, distributes and transmits electricity, sells and transports natural gas, and stores hydrocarbons.

Thanks to the expansion of its activities and the opening of offices around the world ATCO has annual revenues of more than 20 billion U.S. dollars.

GRS Hydrogen has over 30 years of experience in the green hydrogen sector and has signed dozens of long-term agreements 

GRS Hydrogen Solutions is a well-known Canadian company. Its founder is Albert Cerenzia. For more than 30 years the company has been developing CO2 capture and mobile (H2) hydrogen generators to produce clean-emission fuel for energy needs. Its activities also include the manufacture of small and medium-sized mobile green and blue hydrogen generators. The equipment is used to provide fresh water. The team of professionals has the following goals:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • ensuring the efficiency of energy infrastructure;
  • ensuring commercialization of hydrogen;
  • organizing the patented mobile technology.

Today, GRS Hydrogen Solutions has patented technology to reduce emissions by capturing CO2 and producing green or blue (H2) energy from renewable sources, which has led it to win many environmental awards.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has been pursuing the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution for more than 30 years. The company helps create a more diverse and efficient energy infrastructure. It does this by ensuring the extensive commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The main goal is to bring a cost-effective and competitive mobile solution to the market. To this end, numerous researches are conducted and technologies are patented.

The activities of GRS Hydrogen Solutions include the following:

  • manufacturing hydrogen fueling stations with environmentally friendly power (automotive, aviation, marine fueling, aerospace);
  • manufacturing hydrogen-fueled generators to replace diesel-fueled generators, thereby contributing to the provision of fresh water;
  • finding solutions for the application of proprietary gas recapture technology to reduce and eliminate emissions;
  • providing a range of maintenance services and management solutions, as well as robust training programs in operations management and safety
  • funding projects related to clean renewable energy needs;
  • providing computer data centers focused on renewable clean energy sources for cryptocurrency mining.

Under the terms of the project, ATCO is supplying a mixture of natural gas with 5% hydrogen by volume to a specific part of the gas distribution system. The first 2,000 customers using natural gas blended with hydrogen are expected in the fall of 2022. This project is intended to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions. The Gate 5 facility is planned to produce the hydrogen needed for the Fort Saskatchewan project. These activities will have no impact on the environment or wildlife. GRS Hydrogen Solutions plans to complete the work in the summer of 2022. In the project area, gas pipelines and appliances at facilities and private residences are being tested.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions have also been in talks with several oil and gas companies globally

After a successful contract with ATCO, GRS Hydrogen Solutions has also initiated talks with other oil and gas companies worldwide. There are some results of the negotiations:

  • signing of a $140 million contract with RPM Saudi (securing supplies of methanol and gypsum);
  • GRS Hydrogen Solutions is providing financing for new Green Hydrogen projects to partner SEPGAS (project sum is 100 million dollars);
  • signing of a partnership agreement with the European Union program (renewal of energy sources for new projects);
  • signing a contract with RCG Mining (carbon credits and greenhouse heating, recycling waste heat caused by bitcoin mining). 

Before a clean future becomes a reality, there are several important directions set by GRS Hydrogen. One of them is the development of equipment that will reduce and even eliminate emissions with gas recapture technology.

Unlike oil, coal, and natural gases, which are fossil energy sources, hydrogen is considered an energy carrier. In other words, some energy must be expended to produce pure, usable hydrogen.

Renewable energy systems are fairly a new phenomenon for many people working according to outdated manuals. They lack the technical knowledge to work with GRS Hydrogen Solutions hydrogen systems. That’s why the company has strengthened Ex Suncor Energy’s management team to provide a suite of maintenance services and management solutions. Self-sufficient operational management and safety training programs have been introduced. This will provide operational training for current and incoming employees.  

Through the financial partners the Green Fund GRS Hydrogen Solutions has implemented a financing scheme for a large number of its own new hydrogen energy production systems. This action makes it much easier for customers to decide to switch to the GRS Hydrogen system. This will look especially favorable for TSX listings and IPOs, as potential shareholders will have the opportunity to observe a simple path to success. Retail shareholders will also be able to invest in the latest technology for a cleaner future around the world.

GRS Hydrogen Solutions has proven that hydrogen is a key element of a cleaner future, and oil company representatives could team up with environmentalists to make a lifesaving solution for the global climate. Due to its high energy efficiency, hydrogen is more preferable for powering vehicles. A fuel cell operating on hydrogen is 200-300% more efficient than a traditional internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline. In the sphere of long-distance, freight transportation, hydrogen is considered the most alternative type of fuel. This is due to its high energy content: 1 kg of hydrogen will provide 3 times more energy than a similar volume of oil. 

The advantage of the Green Hydrogen program is that the production of hydrogen for any purpose can be done in any place where there is water and electricity.