Boston Characteristics’ Atlas robotic doing parkour

This is amazing (cooling?) video of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robotic doing parkour.

Parkour is the ideal sandbox for the Atlas group at Boston Dynamics to explore brand-new habits. In this video our humanoid robotics show their whole-body sports, keeping its balance through a range of quickly altering, high-energy activities. Through dives, balance beams, and vaults, we show how we press Atlas to its limitations to find the next generation of movement, understanding, and athletic intelligence.

It’s genuinely incredible (frightening?) that this isn’t CGI however real physical robotics doing this things in reality. Let’s simply hope they discover parkour to be more pleasurable than eliminating human beings due to the fact that clearly it’s simply a matter of time prior to they get a taste of both.

Keep choosing the video in addition to a behind the scenes of how they’re teaching Atlas to do these lovely (scary?) things.

And some behind the scenes of how they taught Atlas to parkour:

And a video of Atlas from 2019 demonstrating how far they’ve come:

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