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John Boyd Jr. illuminates how of the $40 billion in aid sent to Ukraine, no aid is coming to offset the cost of rising diesel and fertilizer prices for America’s farmers on ‘Hannity.’

JOHN BOYD JR. Thanks for having me tonight. Right now, we’re in a crisis in America as it relates to farmers. We’re facing an all-time high in diesel fuel that here in Virginia, I’m paying $5.63 a gallon for diesel fuel. We had an all-time high for fertilizer. I’m paying $900 a ton, people. That’s $900 a ton for fertilizer, $25,000 fertilizer bill that we’re looking at right now. Now was the time for America to come together and support America’s farmers. We just provided relief for Ukraine, where we’re going to be looking at some losses there in the form of wheat and other commodities. But we just provided Ukraine with $40 billion in aid and nothing in that spending package for America’s farmers. I know Chairman Scott was trying to work across some lines and get some things done. America has to come back together and work together by the same seed, that is divided right now. We’re divided here in our country on race. We’re divided on bitterness and hatred. But, you know, love is always greater than hate. We got to find a way to work together so that we can get something done.