Breitbart’s Katherine Rodriguez Dishes On ‘The Quotable Joe,’ About Biden’s Sexist Comments, Lies, and Flip-Flops

Katherine Rodriguez, a reporter for Breitbart News, joined Breitbart News Tonight host Jerome Hudson to discuss about frail Vice President Joe Biden and her contemporary guideThe Quotable Joe: Corn Pop, Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers, and Other Malarkey from The US’s Most Embarrassing Candidate.

The Quotable Joe is described as a “sequence of essentially the most racist statements, lies, made-up tales, and dumbfounding moments of Joe Biden’s entire profession.” 

“I become reporting on the 2020 campaign primaries, and I realized his quotes all the device in which by those primaries had been out of whack, and to boot they had been correct so out of whack that I made up my mind, , it’d be a monumental belief if there had been a chain of those quotes, and I made up my mind to present it loyal into a guide,” explained Rodriguez, who has been with Breitbart News since 2016.

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Chapter titles from the guide consist of Racial and Sexual Malapropisms, Lies and Flip-Flops, and Made-Up Reports.

“He made an announcement about Indian accents in Delaware to a voter,” Rodriguez said, highlighting a Biden gaffe that did no longer get famous coverage. “He said, ‘That you just would possibly no longer proceed to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts except you enjoy a small Indian accent. I’m no longer joking.’”

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Rodriguez also highlighted Biden’s “you ain’t dim” comment from an interview with Charlamagne tha God and acknowledged Biden “supported segregationist senators.”

Describing Biden’s flip-flops on an array of disorders, Rodriguez said, “I accept as true with one among my favorites is when he flip-flopped on the war in Iraq. Within the year 2002, he voted with Bush to make stronger the war in Iraq, after which in 2019, in an NPR interview, he said he become essentially adversarial to the war straight.”

“Biden become in total stumping on the 2012 campaign path, and he become discussing Mitt Romney’s belief for Wall Avenue, telling the viewers, that integrated many African Americans, they’re gonna ‘put y’all motivate in chains,’” Rodriguez said, noting that he bought monumental pushback from the Romney campaign.

“The Obama campaign correct known as the controversy faux outrage, however they had to back off and delivery an announcement clarifying that Biden’s comments had been essentially referencing Republican remarks about unchaining the non-public sector and unshackling the center class,” Rodriguez added.

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