Chicago male fed up with speed bump behind house, takes pickax to it and deals with $500 fine

A Chicago resident fed up with the speed bump behind his house took matters into his own hands and sustained a $500 ticket while doing so.

Nicolas Benitez grumbled to his alderman’s workplace and after that took a pickax to the asphalt speed bump behind his garage in his Brighton Park house, an action some disappointed citizens might take a look at as brave, the Chicago Tribune reported.

” I did one piece today, another tomorrow. Gradually I took it out,” he informed the paper.

Fox News has actually connected to Benitez and Alderman Raymond Lopez. Benitez declares the speed bump had actually harmed the suspension on his vehicle and caught ice and snow in the cold weather.

His act of defiance has actually led to a $500 ticket for destructive city home. Benitz stated he prepares to combat it in court.

In a tweet accompanied with a picture of the ripped-up speed bump, Lopez advised homeowners not to act upon their own.

” This male wasn’t pleased about a speed bump,” he composed. “It has actually remained in his street for a years. He eliminated it on his own & made a $500 fine and a lawsuit while doing so.”

The picture appears to reveal Lopez taking a look at the hole where the bump utilized to be. The asphalt can be seen stacked nicely off to the side.

Lopez informed the paper that if Benitez had a concern with the speed bump, his workplace might have aimed to see if cash was offered to eliminate it.


In addition to the fine, Benitez might be on the hook for changing the asphalt he eliminated.