Dan Bongino exposed how the Biden administration’s policies are messing up Christmas Saturday on ‘ Unfiltered

DAN BONGINO: If you’ve been a routine audience of this program, you understand I’ve been cautioning you about how whatever the Biden administration touches, it burns to the ground. Whatever. Is it possible, could they perhaps even screw up Christmas? … We have the holiday quickly approaching, and although it’s been a rough year or more, it’s constantly a time of happiness. Leave it to the Biden administration grinches to destroy it for everybody.

These men are truly skilled, this Biden administration, at screwing things up. They have a 100%success rate at failure. It’s fantastic, it’s like an ability. They’re so proficient at stopping working.

So, as a note of thankfulness to them, I ‘d like to use them a present for Christmas. You made it. Joe, Peppermint Patty there, Fauci. Here it is: it’s coal! Well, really it’s charcoal. See that? Since I can’t even pay for genuine coal, so I needed to go with charcoal … I can’t even manage real coal, due to the fact that they’ve destroyed the coal market too.