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In an exciting move, Canada-based cannabis company Okanagan Cultivators has set its sights on the public market for 2021.The cultivators are excited to announce that they anticipate listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, among other major business news.

Okanagan Cultivators is a craft cannabis company based in British Columbia, Canada who is known for their medical grade product. According to Okanagan Cultivators’ website, their mission is to make cannabis universally understood and accessible to all. They’ve been working towards this by providing medical grade cannabis to partners and patients located across the globe.

Choosing the right legal team

Listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange is a huge step for Okanagan Cultivators and requires a reliable IPO team. One major aspect of a successful IPO is the team’s IPO lawyers and legal support, which should be carefully chosen. 

Okanagan Cultivators has selected a reputable legal firm that has years of experience and forward-thinking methods for working with clients.

This cooperation is the first move in a prosperous direction for Okanagan Cultivators, one which will hopefully extend beyond 2021. The Canadian company has already impressively sold out its first tranche of shares in less than just 24 hours. This exciting milestone could be a promising indicator of future success for Okanagan Cultivators and their stakeholders this year.

Okanagan Cultivators already successfully sold its first portion of shares at $ 2.50 CAD. The Canadian company has already gotten the green light to sell two more tranches of shares in 2021. Okanagan Cultivators will also sell its third of the scheduled tranches in 2021, making this a big year for them. The date has not yet been released, and this final tranche price was not listed at the time of publishing.

Upholding financial standards

Securities lawyers know all about the laws governing the financial world in regards to stocks, mutual funds, and IPOs. These rules are designed to prevent fraud, insider trading, and market manipulation, while improving and promoting transparency and honesty.

By maintaining these kinds of standards, the financial world can work towards becoming a more fairly-operated and regulated environment. An example of this kind of regulation in the financial world is providing mandatory reports to a governing body. 

In Canada, all publicly-traded companies are required to file regular financial reports with the Canadian government. These reports share detailed information such as the company’s financial standing, operating results, and the salaries their executives receive. These laws and regulations ensure that companies and organizations are operating fairly and lawfully managing their finances. 

Transparency is key for fairly and honestly operating these publicly-traded companies. Investors, brokers, and financial markets rely on these reports to make sound and informed investment decisions. Federal law also prohibits using insider information for personal gain or market manipulation, which would give some an unfair advantage.

Okanagan Cultivators is positioned to be listed in 2021 and will likely see many more achievements as the year progresses. Being a publicly traded company and having the support of an experienced legal team will be the foundation for success.