Ron Howard exposes why stress and anxiety over ‘Happy Days’ character Fonzie resulted in loss of hair: ‘I kept whatever inside’

Ron Howard was so concerned about Henry Winkler’s “The Fonz” eclipsing his character Richie Cunningham throughout the early run of “Happy Days” that he established a skin problem and began losing his hair– as ABC dabbled relabeling the program “Fonzie’s Happy Days.”

” The most significant stress factor of all was Fonzie. Not Henry [Winkler], however Fonzie. It did not leave my notification that as the season went on, the Fonz was getting increasingly more screen time,” Howard, 67, composes in ” The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family,” in which he and his sibling, star Clint Howard, reminisce about their professions.

” I didn’t manage my tension especially well,” he composes. “I most likely would have gained from seeing a psychotherapist … Instead, I kept whatever inside. I began breaking out in eczema rashes all over my body, a lot of acutely on my eyelids … And my hair began thinning. Taking a look at the males on both sides of my household, I understood it was inescapable … But it began coming out in disconcerting clumps throughout this time.”

Ron Howard and Henry Winkler starred in ‘Happy Days’ from 1974 until 1984.

Ron Howard and Henry Winkler starred in ‘Happy Days’ from 1974 till1984
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It all exercised. Series developer Garry Marshall informed Ron he would not alter the program’s title if he “didn’t support it” (he didn’t) and ” Happy Days” took pleasure in a productive run from 1974 to 1984, generating 2 traditional spinoffs (” Mork & Mindy” and “Laverne & Shirley”) and one turkey (” Joanie Loves Chachi”), while bonding Howard and Winkler as long-lasting buddies. (They reunited for the 1982 big-screen funny “Night Shift,” which Ron directed.)


” The Boys” unfolds in a breezy first-person story as Ron and Clint, 62, recall maturing with their moms and dads, stars Rance and Jean Howard, and the siblings’ meals into Hollywood at really early ages. The bulk of the narrative includes their tv professions.

Ron was just 6 years of ages when he increased to popularity as Opie Taylor on top-ranked comedy ” The Andy Griffith Show,” which narrated life in rustic Mayberry, N.C., and ranged from 1960-68

From left is Ron Howard (as Jerry) and Clint Howard (as Mark Wedlow) on the set of the CBS show ‘Gentle Ben.'

From left is Ron Howard (as Jerry) and Clint Howard (as Mark Wedlow) on the set of the CBS program ‘Gentle Ben.’.
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Co-star Andy Griffith remained in “real discomfort” as his marital relationship to his very first spouse Barbara was “unraveling,” he composes.

” He returned from Christmas break one season with his hand all taped up. He was blunt about what took place: ‘I got intoxicated, I got mad, and I put my fist through a door.'”


As for Jim Nabors: “Jim, while personal about his personal life, was not closeted. He didn’t pretend to date ladies or insist he wasn’t gay … The team, regrettably, was not as informed. Listening to their on-set chatter, I heard a word I didn’t understand: homo. That’s what they called Jim behind his back, and not with any tip of generosity.”

Ron Howard and his brother Clint Howard have teamed up to write a memoir.

Ron Howard and his bro Clint Howard have actually collaborated to compose a narrative.
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The narrative likewise includes quick ventures into a few of the siblings’ early motion pictures– however stops brief of Ron talking in any information about his effective directorial profession (consisting of “Willow,” “Parenthood,” “Apollo 13,” “Frost/Nixon” and “Hillbilly Elegy”).

He does, however, blog about how, on the set of the 1973 George Lucas funny ” American Graffiti,” when he was 18, his 25- year-old co-star, Cindy Williams (later on to star with Penny Marshall on “Laverne & Shirley”), schooled him in the art of lovemaking.

” She picked up, properly, that her eighteen-year-old acting partner was unskilled at kissing scenes and a package of nerves about performing them,” he composes.” ‘We can’t kiss for the very first time on cam,’ she stated. ‘We much better practice.’ With the professionalism of Hollywood’s intimacy planners … Cindy taught me how to construct convincingly for the video camera without exceeding. She was not thinking about me romantically, nor I in her. Cindy performed this service out of kindness, conserving me from shame … “


Director Ron Howard and actor Clint Howard today.

Director Ron Howard and star Clint Howard today.
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Ron likewise explains, in cringeworthy information, how he informed his mom about his teenage advises.

” I was utilized to Dad’s forthrightness and imperviousness to so-called taboos. I believed it was completely fine to notify Mom of my nighttime emissions and my more mindful bed room activities, and to ask her if this was all regular, and, if so, if I was going about it the ideal method … Mom actually put her hands to her ears, frightened to be put in this position. Speaking in a flourishing ‘La-la-la, I can’t hear you!’ voice to muffle any more horrible discoveries that I may have been sharing, she stated,” ‘You’re going to need to wait up until your papa gets house to discuss that. Ask him, not me!’ “

He did. And here’s what Rance informed him: “Some individuals call it j– king off. Masturbation is the real term. It’s all extremely typical. It’s not filthy. Do not fret about it.”

From left: Ron Howard, Marion Ross and Henry Winkler during 56th Annual ACE Eddie Awards - Arrivals at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, United States. 

From left: Ron Howard, Marion Ross and Henry Winkler throughout 56 th Annual ACE Eddie Awards – Arrivals at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, United States..
( Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

Clint’s greatest discovery about his time on “Gentle Ben” (1967-69) worries his ursine co-star, Bruno: “The only unfavorable … was that he smelled. He likewise took prodigious dumps due to his similarly prodigious diet plan.”


Clint likewise openly remembers his heavy pot smoking cigarettes, drinking and descent into much heavier substance abuse. “I attempted to get sober a couple of times, the very first in 1984,” he composes, noting he marks his very first day of sobriety as June 14, 1991.

” I opened the Yellow Pages and discovered a listing for Beverly Glen Hospital, which used a twenty-eight-day in-patient program for dealing with alcohol and drug reliance … Mom and Dad did their finest to assist me … I required a couple of shots prior to healing took.

” Ron, bless him, regularly cast me in his films throughout my utilizing years.”