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The New Innovators 2022

The New Innovators 2022

Deadline to apply: August 31

Since 1928, Canadian Business has been one of Canada’s most trusted sources for business news and trends, evolving with the ever-changing landscape and delivering storytelling and resources that mattered to the Canadians at the forefront of these changes. Today, CB is reinventing itself again, following a year that shook the world in some of the most significant ways since the magazine’s launch. 

With shifts toward more equitable, agile and innovative workplaces already underway across many industries, the upending effects of Covid-19 have pushed leaders to reimagine how they run their companies and take care of their teams. We believe that in 2021 and beyond, the most successful businesses will be those that are working toward meaningful progress in areas like sustainability, employee well-being, diversity and inclusion and philanthropy. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship to launch our annual New Innovators List, celebrating the companies—both big and small—that are leading the charge in this important work.

The New Innovators List will be published in the January 2022 issue of Canadian Business and online at in December 2021.

What is a New Innovator?

We consider new innovators to be companies that pursue inclusive innovation that brings new or improved products and services to market, or improves their own operational effectiveness. They also pay attention to the impact of their operations, from GHG emissions and resource efficiency to living wages, creating a meaningfully diverse and equitable team and culture, and ethical supply chain management.

Specifically, to be considered companies should:

  • Embed innovation as a key element of the business model
  • Seek to minimize negative environmental impact
  • Acknowledge social issues and proactively address workplace inequities and support team wellbeing
  • Have at least 2 years of recent financial statements that can be shared
  • Are not the subject of a regulatory or criminal investigation

If you believe your company should be on the 2022 New Innovators List, please begin your application below. 


Canadian Business, Brookfield Institute and our research team ask companies to submit financial and operational information for the purpose of evaluating their application to the New Innovators List, and may request supporting materials, including financial statements, to verify these statements. Canadian Business will not disclose any contents of your financial statements or other confidential material, other than annual revenue for the most recent fiscal year, which will be published as a range (e.g. $2M–$5M), should you make the list. Please contact if you have any questions.