The That is So Raven and Harry Potter crossover you desired to gape.

Once you grew up staring at Disney Channel, you positively keep in mind Raven-Symoné’s legendary persona Raven Baxter from That’s So Raven.

Actor Raven-Symoné as Raven Baxter

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Alongside with her supreme fashion sense and skills to gape into the longer term, Raven’s outgoing persona, amusing catchphrases, and much facial expressions will never be forgotten.

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Who else could well per chance safe themselves in and out of sticky scenarios in essentially the most hilarious capability doable?

LA-based completely completely actor, humorist, and author Jaylin Eaves honest so happens to own a reasonably space-on Raven Baxter impersonation, and as of late, she’s been showcasing it on TikTok.

In a hilarious collection of videos is known as “If Raven Baxter used to be in…,” Jaylin reimagines Raven as a persona in accepted motion photos and reveals deal with Twilight and The Region of job.

Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie from

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But another inspiration for the To find Out video came when Jaylin all of a sudden chanced on the Raven-esque crimson fur coat that is featured within the TikTok. “I purchased it at a thrift store on Melrose. I wasn’t distinct if I was going to wade via with my affect, but as soon as I saw the jacket, I knew directly that I had to safe it.”

Jaylin wears a jacket with a fur collar and sleeves and Raven wears a jacket with a identical fur collar and sleeves

thejaylineaves / TikTok / Disney Channel

“At any time after I place aside it on, I will be capable to’t quit asserting, ‘Ya substandard.’”

After the video used to be rejected to post, Jaylin made up our minds to upload it on her TikTok yarn — and then it blew up with over 700,000 views. “The reaction has been wonderful and unexpected,” she said. “It makes me genuinely overjoyed that folk love it plenty.”

Jaylin performs a shy Raven Baxter who receives a horrific imaginative and prescient mid-conversation

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Raven’s face when she receives a imaginative and prescient and finds out that Chelsea’s family could well per chance honest ~now not~ be as innocent as she idea.

Sadly, Stanley is now not a fan of Raven working at Dunder Mifflin.

Stanley scowls as Jaylin's version of Raven talks loudly on the mobile phone

Who knew Edward and Raven will be a match?

Jaylin pretends to be Raven discovering out Edward's region

For Jaylin, creating these That is So Raven crossovers has been a fun and nostalgic ride as an actor and longtime fan of 2000s Disney Channel reveals. “Raven used to be the cause I desired to vary into an actress myself, and I [still] love staring on the expose ensuing from it’s a constant reminder of that.”

Raven excitedly talks on the mobile phone at some stage in a scene on the expose

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Fans own additionally been loving the overall nostalgic vibes from Jaylin’s videos. “Folks attend asking for added, which I mediate is a testament to how much of an influence Raven’s persona continues to own on the present time,” Jaylin said.

Commenters praise Jaylin's

While her videos were difficult, Jaylin hopes to encourage her target market as successfully. “I’m hoping of us realize they build now not could well own to be timid by the expend of without reference to they love. Folks would in most cases create fun of me or mediate it’s habitual how much I love the older Disney Channel reveals,” Jaylin said. “I honest desire of us to brush aside detrimental opinions and proceed to include what makes them overjoyed.”

We deal with to gape it!

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For extra of Jaylin’s Raven Baxter TikToks (collectively with a ingredient two of her Twilight and To find Out videos), be distinct to be aware her on TikTok @thejaylineaves!